Integrate with international standard

With strong cooperation with major European companies, ATS dedicate to transmit latest information from international and provide high quality product into Asian market.

The Corrosion Expert

Whether zinc flakes, galvanic and KTL technology or coil coating – with Dörken MKS coating solutions, you can always rely on cutting-edge German technology. Custom-made based on your requirements by our experts, our high-quality solutions set the standards. Worldwide.

Zinc flake coating services is a highly-specialized niche market, its outstanding performance could fulfills the market requirements completely, and plays a key role in numerous areas of corrosion protection. Whether it is automotive sector、construction、mechinary or wind energy, these leading industries have relied on zinc flake technology for over 30 years.  This process plays to its strengths in the processing of small bulk parts such as screws, clips and spring band clips – with extremely low coat thickness and high durability. It is also widely used on large parts with extensive surface areas, such as rear sub frames or struts

Advantage of using Dörken MKS:
    Minimal coat thickness
    Cathodic protection 
    Modular system
    High fitting accuracy
    No stress corrosion cracking