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Intelligent Industrial Furnace system

Since 1984 SCHLAGER Industrieofenbau has devoted all its passion to the production of industrial furnaces for a wide variety of applications. We rely on the highest technical and engineering know-how: made in Germany.

Numerous certificates and approvals confirm our quality and give you maximum confidence.  In our large, modern production facilities of more than 3,000m² we produce to your specification with our state of the art equipment flexibly and punctually / on time.

For over 30 years we and our expert team have set standards - from the initial design consultation to manufacturing, construction and commissioning of complex industrial furnaces.  We offer the entire value-added chain, including complete automation and control technology: complete solutions from a single source. The design of the installations utilizes modern 3D CAD, E plan is the standard in control technology.

The new installations are fully assembled in our factory and erected and commissioned at the customers' premises in the shortest time.

In addition, after the installation and commissioning of your systems we continue to be at your disposal to provide expert advice. Our technical team is always available to you and will ensure rapid and reliable solutions for failures as well as any necessary furnace maintenance and repairs.

Materials and characteristics:
•    Materials: Steel, Aluminum, Nickel base Alloys, Titanium, Super alloys, and other non-ferrous metals
•    Charge weights from 2,000kg to 250,000kg with hourly capacities of 200kg/h up to  15,000kg/h
•    Heat Treatment: annealing, hardening, tempering , drying, solution annealing, artificial ageing 
•    Heating furnaces for forging
•    Energy Sources: natural gas, LPG, domestic fuel oil, electricity

Benefits to you:
•    Industrial furnaces and machines ready for use from a single source
•    The most modern, fuel-efficient heating systems with the lowest emissions
•    Outstanding mechanisms with sophisticated sealing systems
•    Stable steel constructions that meet your specifications
•    Product-optimized control and visualization systems.