Integrate with international standard

With strong cooperation with major European companies, ATS dedicate to transmit latest information from international and provide high quality product into Asian market.

IAC is since 1984 a world wide operating manufacturer of advanced geometrical measuring instruments and measuring machines for the calibration of thread gauges and is creator of custom solutions for a wide range of special applications. Each member of the IAC-Team is an engineer with a sound knowledge and a wide but also deep experience in one or more of the following fields:
•    Precision engineering
•    ICT Software development
•    Electronics
•    Optics

One of our successful products is the Master Scanner since 1995. 
Many well known world wide companies are relying for the traceability of their thread gages on the high precision patented Master Scanner Technology of IAC. 
The Master Scanner is the only measuring machine in the world calibrating full automatic all the thread parameters of a part or a gage in just a minute including comparison of the results with the dimensional tolerances of many popular standards. The Master Scanner is ISO 17025 accredited in many countries.

IAC is manufacturing two series of Master Scanners:
•    Series MSXP from thread sizes for watch makers until mid size 60 or 160 mm
•    Series XPL from mid size until very large threads until 1000 mm for the oil industry or aero engines
Next to a program of own products IAC creates solutions for all kinds of custom problems for over 20 years now. 
The projects may consist just out of consultancy but can also be the complete engineering and the complete turn key delivery of all custom machines required in a production line or can be the development of a new product.