On-site inspection services

With support from ATS professional colleague, customer could confirm the quality and product performance before shipment, flexible and efficient for storage operation, save your time and cost.

On site inspection
Ensure the production quality meet requirement before shipment in Taiwan, china & other Asian countries.

Process Control
We work as your own overseas quality department, more efficient to implement relevant inspection services, to save time.

Facility Report
Visit potential suppliers to provide a comprehensive facility report including site condition、equipment and capabilities.

Drawing Services
ATS's engineering drawing service support clients develop specifications and drawings related between customers & suppliers.

Information Services
Market information is an indispensable prerequisite for earning business. ATS provides customer market response and timely industrial perspective according to customer’s requirement.

Testing Partner
Represent European high precision testing equipment and cooperation set up ilac-MRA certification testing / calibration laboratories, extending quality demand from customer.

Technical support & Translation assistance
Based on schedule and experience, provide technical support and translation.

Auditing Service
Cooperate with foreign auditing agencies to implement quality audits and deliver the latest international standards.

Consultancy ability With professional team experience and commitment, ATS provides high quality service and expertise.

Precise self-requirements To ensure accurate test results, we use calibrated measuring instruments in the calibration cycle.
Inspection for mass production
  • Random inspection on-site before shipment.
  • Checking the box labeling whether match shipping information, use ATS unique orange sticker with date marked labeling on both sides of carton to enhance the eye-catching and recognition.
  • Storage test samples at ATS warehouse for 3 years for future reference.
European colors code management All inspection completed product will
With the EU four-color document management system, all completed product records will be stored in the current year’s color-coded file folder. The cycle of “orange、blue、yellow and green” represents the inspection of different year.